Chinese Medicine Department

Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility has obtained the Manufacturer Licence and the Certificate for Manufacturer (GMP in respect of proprietary Chinese medicines) from the Chinese Medicine Board of Hong Kong since 2003 and 2005 respectively.

The facility is well-equipped with modern production machineries such as closed type extraction and low temperature vacuum concentration system, spray-drying, wet and dry granulation machine, mixer, pill forming, capsule filling, tableting and blister machines, sachet and bottling machines, labelling and wrapping machines, etc. Powder, granules, pills, tablets and capsules can be produced for test trial, clinical trial and commercial uses.

Capsule Filling Machine
Rocking Mixer

The Department is offering the following services on a cost-recovery and pay-per-use basis:

  1. Contract Manufacturing
  2. Product Formulation Design
  3. Production Process Development
  4. Preparation of Clinical Trial Samples and Placebo
  5. Analytic and Testing Service
  6. Product Registration and Related Consultation Service

Quality Control (QC) Laboratory

Our QC laboratory offers testing services on the following areas:

  • Identification of Chinese herbal material against standard
  • Chemical composition analysis of Chinese herbal material from client
  • Quality testing for healthcare products from client
  • Microbial limit determination
  • Accelerated and long-term stability test

Product Development and Registration

Our Department can also assist clients in applying product registration with the Department of Health of the Hong Kong SAR Government. Our team is familiar with the whole product registration process and procedure. We are happy to provide consultation service on various aspects of the registration cycle, including document preparation, and the need of additional requirement for document submission. Clients may also appoint us to do the product registration on their behalf. Our staff will take care all the details and if necessary, work with you to correct the deficiencies of your application.

Products – LifeArt Products

Quality of Life is getting improved with ever-changing new technologies. Nowadays “Health” becomes an important concern. HKIB has developed and launched the “IBSOMED LifeArt Series”. IBSOMED LifeArt products are the result of years of research and development. IBSOMED LifeArt products are effective, safe, convenient and high quality health supplement for prevention and improvement of health that caused by heavy work load, working pressure and aging. It consists of 4 products namely, Lifeart Lingzhi, LifeArt Grapeseed, LifeArt Rhodiola and LifeArt Shanzha. An Osteorex product was also developed for those concerned with bone structures.