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Press release 2008




Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Celebrated its 20th Anniversary


The Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology (HKIB) celebrated its 20th Anniversary yesterday (1 December). The ceremony was officiated by Mr. Eddy Y.T. Chan, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology and Professor Lawrence J. Lau, Vice-Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).
Mr. E. Anthony Tan, CEO of Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation; Professor Yuk-lam Lo, Chairman of PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences; and Mr. Frank Charn-wing Wan, Chairman of Hong Kong Biotechnology Association were also present at the ceremony.
The Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, Mr. Eddy Y.T. Chan, said the Government has been working very hard in the past few years to support the development of local biotechnology industry and complimented the HKIB for its efforts. “The Innovation and Technology Fund established in 1999 has supported many projects in the biotechnology area, including those in bio-informatics, molecular diagnostics, drug and therapeutic discovery and the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. Proactive, forward-looking and market-oriented, HKIB has now become the leading force in R&D, technology transfer, product commercialization as well as nurturing of start-ups and fostering collaborative partnerships within Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.”
Professor Lawrence J. Lau, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK said, “Since 2003, HKIB has been reorganized and has developed a tighter link with CUHK. This enabled the Institute to tap on the resources of the University and expand its support to the biotechnology industry. HKIB is now completely self-supporting and has been generating revenues since 2005 to undertake joint-venture projects with the industries.”
A presentation on “Showcasing Biotechnology Industry in Hong Kong” was held before the ceremony with seven local biotech companies / organizations presenting their latest research and products. The presentation highlighted what the public and private sectors had accomplished in developing the biotechnology industry in Hong Kong. For example, new developments in Chinese medicine research, rapid diagnostic for infectious diseases, filters for removal of carcinogenic compounds, milk additives to enhance nutritional value and vaccines for bird flu.
HKIB is a subsidiary of the Council of CUHK and its formation was proposed in 1988 by Professor Charles Kao, former Vice-Chancellor of CUHK and Professor C. N. Yang, Physics Nobel Laureate and Distinguished Professor-at-Large of CUHK. Biotechnology was considered the new wave of technology that will revolutionize people’s life and living standard. With a HK$170 million donation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the building complex currently housing the Institute was completed in 1992 and opened by the former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong, Sir David Ford.
The years spanning 1994 to 2000 were critical for HKIB to build up its infrastructure to support the commercialization activities of the biotechnology industry. The government was most supportive of this effort. Through various grants, the Institute was able to build up a GMP facility for the manufacture of biologics, a Pharmaceutical Technology Center to train and support local pharmaceutical companies and a Chinese medicine manufacturing plant for process development purposes. These facilities are currently being utilized by companies in Hong Kong.
With the development of the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks and its coordinated effort with HKIB in building a biotechnology cluster on the shores of Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong is telling the world that she is committed in the advancement of biotechnology. Professor Walter K.K. Ho, Managing Director of HKIB remarked, “In the past several years, many new small companies are formed and some of them are generating revenue and making profit. Compared with 5 to 10 years ago, Hong Kong’s young but steadily growing biotechnology industry is more focused and product-oriented. Looking into the future, the time is ripened for Hong Kong to take a more aggressive role in expanding its biotechnology base so as to make its economy more diversified to weather financial fluctuations.”
(Click on the photo to enlarge)
Toasting photo: (From left to right)
Former Director - Prof. Kin Ping Wong
CUIB Management Board member-Prof. Vincent Lee
CUIB Management Board member-Prof. C.T. Che
Associate Director-Prof. H.K. Cheng
Vice Chancellor -Prof. Lawrence J. Lau
Commissioner for ITC-Mr. Eddy Chan
Chairman of Board of Director and Pro Vice Chancellor- Prof. Kenneth Young
Director- Prof. Walter Ho
CUIB Management Board member-Prof. K.P. Fung
Former Director-Dr. Dominic Lam
Former Director-Dr. Shawn Leung
(Click on the photo to enlarge)
Speakers and HKIB Management at the presentation session (From left to right):
Prof. P.C. Leung (Institute of Chinese Medicine, CUHK)
Dr. F.K. Lee (GreenPak Biotech Ltd.)
Professor H.K. Cheng (Associate Director of HKIB)
Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Kenneth Young (Chairman of HKIB Board of Directors)
Professor Hualan Chen (Harbin Veterinary Research Institute)
Professor Walter K.K.Ho (Managing Director of HKIB)
Mr. Neal Stewart (Filligent (HK) Ltd.)
Mr. Joseph Leung (Seperex Nutritionals Ltd.)
Dr. Albert Tam (Fastgen International Ltd.)
Ms Rita Lok Man Cheung (Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine Ltd.)
Professor Hsiao Chang Chan (Epithelial Cell Biology Research Centre, CUHK)

HKIB 20th

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