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  The Biotechnology Incubation Centre was set up in April 1996 and upgraded in mid-1997. The Centre was established with the purpose in providing a furnished laboratory space with shared equipment and facility management service to biotech-related start-up companies.The aim is to provide the infrastructure for these start-up companies to develop biotechnology businesses with reduced up-front investment.
  The Centre, located on the 2/F of the Laboratory Building, is comprised of eight furnished laboratories suites and a number of supporting laboratories in which shared facilities are housed. With an average size of over 1,000 square foot, each laboratory is equipped with an enclosed office, pre-built lab benches and normal waste sinks. Central air-conditioning and 24-hour access are provided as standard service to each lab tenant. Other standard offerings include around-the-clock supply of compressed air, distilled water and other supporting services.
  A conference room is provided on a cost-recovery basis to tenants for scientific presentation and business discussion with their research collaborators. Projection facility and office equipment are also available as part of the clerical support.
  Dedicated supporting laboratories are built specifically for work on bacterial culture and cell culture. Dark room, warm room and cold room are open to tenants for work with special requirement on temperature and lighting, e.g. sub-ambient purification of a temperature-sensitive protein from your sample.
  A series of relatively expensive but bulky capital equipments like Class II Type A biological safety cabinets, chemical fume hood, floor-standing autoclave system, deep freezers (at –40oC and –80oC), washing machines, high-speed centrifuges are managed by our staff for use by tenants.
  Optional For-fee Services
  Being part of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the incubation centre offered our tenants an additional benefit by its proximity to the university campus and the possibility in using research facilities available there like liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer (LC/MS) and automated DNA analysis instrument. The following services offered to our tenants will not normally be available in other commercial premises in Hong Kong:
  - For-fee supply and delivery of liquid nitrogen from University campus;
  - For-fee service from the University Animal Facility;
  - For-fee chemical waste disposal service;
  - For-fee car parking space within the Institute premise (not for overnight purpose);
  - For-fee broadband internet service with firewall being hosted by the Institute I.T. service
  Access to Institute Facilities
  A series of down-stream processing equipments and cleanrooms (ISO14464-1 Classes 5 and 6) currently being managed by the Institute’s Biologics Unit is open to the industry. These equipment, including bioreactors and fermenters of different scales, bowl centrifuge, tangential flow filtration system, and protein purification systems are available to tenants and biotech industry on a pay-per-use and cost-recovery basis. You may even consider out-source some of your protein production / purification steps to our in-house technical team to further reduce your spending and time on research & development.
  Come and discuss with us and see how your project can be carried out smoothly in our incubator with a better budget control and good synergistic effect within our cluster.
  You can contact us directly by mailing to .
The Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited.
2 Biotechnology Avenue, 12 Miles, Tai Po Road, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 26035111, Fax: (852) 26035012
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