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“LifeArt Lingzhi” (Ganodema lucidum) is made of high quality mature lingzhi with spores. The LingZhi was specially cultivated using one of the best wild-type Lingzhi species from China. Under well controlled cultivation conditions, consistent production of high quality Lingzhi containing high content of active components is ensured. All the Lingzhi were harvested at the stage when the fruiting body becoming mature and prior to the release of spores. Under such life-cycle and according to traditional harvesting knowhow, the fruiting body is believed to contain the active ingredients of Lingzhi and Lingzhi spore. Therefore, the Lingzhi selected for “LifeArt Lingzhi” is considered the best Lingzhi with life!
For the last several decades, scientists have discovered the therapeutic benefits of Lingzhi as well as over 200 active components including polysaccharides, amino acids, triterpenes, ganodemic acid, adenosine, polypeptides, glycopeptides, sterols, lipids, alkaloids, organic germanium and trace minerals (Ge, P, Fe, Ca, Mg and Zn). There are many Ganoderma species and red Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) has the most complete content of active components and is the most researched species regarding its functions and health benefits. Based on research studies, polysaccharides, triterpenes and ganodemic acid are the major active components in Lingzhi.
“LifeArt Lingzhi” has excellent health promotion functions. Modern literatures have reported that Lingzhi contains components that can help enhance the immune functions, promote memory and relaxation, facilitate detoxification and improve complexion.
Major Components Functional health benefits of Lingzhi based on literature studies
Ganoderma Polysaccharides Enhances the human immune system
Ganoderma Adenosine Prevents thrombus formation and blockage of blood vessels
Ganodenic Acid Lowering of cholesterol and lipids in the blood
Amino Acids, e.g. alanine, Enhances pancreatic function in blood glucose regulation
serine, ornithine, etc. Protects the liver from damage and enhances detoxification
Organic Germanium, and function
other trace minerals Relieves allergic reaction
(Fe, Ca , Mn, Zn) Anti-oxidant and delay aging
  Regulates the central nervous system.
“LifeArt Lingzhi” was developed by the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology through years of extensive researches. Natural Lingzhi and spores contain a lot of indigestible fibers and woody materials. Therefore, grinded Lingzhi powder has little health benefit as the active components cannot be absorbed and utilized by our body. Besides, traditional high temperature preparation of Lingzhi can destroy most of the active components. Therefore, HKIB has developed an innovative low temperature close-type circulated extraction and concentration technology that can effectively extract and recover the essence of Lingzhi. Each “LifeArt Lingzhi” capsules is equivalent to 3 gram of natural Lingzhi.
“LifeArt Lingzhi” was manufactured by HKIB according to the Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines (GMP) and has passed the SGS (HK) Ltd.’s standard safety tests. In addition, the final products have been tested by HKIB and passed our quality standards.
The Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited.
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